DRW Medical is the only manufacturer offering remote monitoring!

NAPA™ LP-15 Airway Pressure Monitor

Monitoring with Remote (Nurse Call) Alarm

DRW Medical offers an optional remote monitoring module on the NAPA monitors.

This version of the device (LP-15-R) has a connector jack at the bottom of the NAPA device (See Figure 1) to receive the remote/nurse call cable (mono).

The remote/nurse call cable is supplied with the LP-15-R and is shown here (See Figure 2) connected to the jack at the bottom of the device.

The opposite end of the remote/nurse call cable connects to the wall jack outlet, providing connectivity to the nurse call system.

Unique lights and alarm sounds can usually be configured through the nurse call system, allowing the monitor alarms to be heard and seen both in the hallways and at the nurse’s station.

Figure 1. Remote call connector jack

Figure 2. Connector jack shown with remote/nurse call cable inserted