Protecting the lungs and promoting optimal lung function of the most fragile patients

DRW Medical, LLC is an innovative medical device manufacturer of neonatal and pediatric products.

We offer unique products that provide the clinician with tools to care for the most fragile patients, specifically designed to address preventable desaturations and over pressure situations.

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NAPA LP-15 Monitor

Our NAPA Monitor provides safety and awareness during BCPAP Therapy to prevent under and over pressures that typically go unnoticed and can lead to pneumothorax or desaturations due to disconnects to therapy.

Exsalta machine

Exsalta™ Smart Suction

A revolutionary change in suction pump fluidics for clearing ET Tubes. Clears secretions as effective as wall suction but causes significantly less negative pressure in the lungs.
Exsalta machine


A secure, adjustable, multi-functional neonatal and pediatric endotracheal tube holder that eliminates tape and increases ETT/NGT placement accuracy.

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