Are you monitoring Bubble CPAP Therapies according to recent Clinical Practice Safety Guidelines?

The NAPA Airway Pressure Monitor continuously measures and monitors airway pressure during BCPAP and NHF Therapy and alerts clinicians immediately of an over- or under-pressure event.

Over-pressure occurrences can result in potential lung damage or CLD, while repeated desat/hypoxic events create an avoidable cycle of de-recruitment and recovery, potentially promoting a pro-inflammatory/pro-oxidant cascade that ultimately leads to a number of long-term neurodevelopmental and cardiovascular issues.

Monitoring BCPAP is no longer optional. It is a requirement when delivering BCPAP to infants in the NICU, as stated in the JCAHO and AARC Neonatal CPAP Guidelines.


Aston PA., September 16, 2022 – DRW Medical LLC announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has cleared the Exsalta device for use on patients as indicated. Exsalta is the first peristaltic suction device for clearing endotracheal tube secretions for patients on ventilators. Its exceptional low flow technology, available at any suction setting, reduces risk of negative pressures in the lungs to help prevent alveolar collapse and hypoxia. Exsalta is a smart secretion clearance solution for patients in whom the standard wall suctioning procedure may create adverse events.  

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Safely manage the care of infants on Bubble CPAP Therapy with the NAPA LP-15.

  • The easy to use, easy to read NAPA LP-15 Monitor immediately alerts clinicians to potentially dangerous over- or under- pressure events:
    • Left unchecked, Bubble CPAP systems can drift to pressures 10cm/H2O and higher than the set CPAP  Article | Video
    • “Listening for bubbling” is neither an effective nor acceptable tool for managing BCPAP therapy
    • Prevent hypoxic events due to disconnects. Recovery time can take up to 45 minutes, consuming precious energy and causing other long term systemic damage.
  • NAPA LP-15 accurately measures pressures in both open and closed systems.
  • Contact your local rep for more info about the NAPA LP-15’s features and benefits and why it is the new Standard of Care in BCPAP therapy.


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