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ArcAngel ET, Gastric Suction & Feeding Tube Holder

ArcAngel is a secure, adjustable, multi-functional neonatal and pediatric endotracheal tube holder that eliminates tape and increases ETT/NGT placement accuracy. Silicone cheek pads are gentle, adjustable and easy to clean.

Key Features

  • NSecurely holds both endotracheal and gastric suction/feeding tube
  • NAdjust ET and NG or gastric suction tubes independently of each other
  • NNG / gastric suction tube can be inserted and secured both orally and nasally
  • N0.25cm hash marks on the holder make adjustments safe and precise
  • NMRI safe – metal free
  • NNon allergenic – latex free
  • NEliminates tape on baby’s face for better visibility
  • NDecreased risk of skin damage due to tape irritation and repeated cleaning/reapplication
  • NCheek pads are washable and fully adjustable for custom fit
  • NCheek pads are designed to eliminate the need to trim
  • NThe arc is easily removed in emergency situations without need to remove cheek pads

ArcAngel Twist Lock Technology

Diagram showing how ArcAngel works
Four different sizes of ArcAngel tubes

A Perfect Fit

The ArcAngel is fully adjustable for a custom fit for every baby, every time and is available in four different sizes.

Product Specifications

See chart below for tube holder size combinations.

Chart showing tube sizes.

* 5F inline suction catheter is recommended.
** Will secure 6F & 8F EDI catheters.
*** Same size arc as size 2.