The word Sucro in round orange type and 24 inside a droplet

Sucro24 is a maple syrup-based 24% sucrose solution that helps reduce the impact of painful procedures in the NICU. Because young babies do not have a fixed pain threshold, early painful experiences can lead to prolonged sensitivity to pain.  Administering Sucro24 can help reduce the impact of these procedures.

Made from organic Canadian maple syrup — an all-natural, traceable ingredient — this solution comes in a convenient format of 0.033 fl.oz bottles with a sterile rounded tip to prevent injury to the baby’s mouth. Sucro24 is sterile and contains no preservatives, BPA nor pesticides.


DRW Medical Product Code
0.033 fl.oz / 1 ml
100 un. per box / 600 un. per carton
Box of Sucro24
Maple leaf
Three Sucro24 products
Illustration of a hand holding a globe with two leaves coming out of the top

Organic Maple Syrup

Illustration of a droplet coming out of a tip

Smooth tip that will not hurt the infant’s lips

The words Certified Sterile inside a blue circle


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BPA Free

Illustration depicting sterile rounded tip to avoid injury to the baby's mouth