Are you monitoring Neonatal CPAP Therapies per the

AARC Clinical Practice Guidelines?

AARC Guidelines stipulate that NCPAP therapy monitoring should include:
“Continuous airway pressure, PEEP, and mean airway pressure.”

The NAPA LP-15 Airway Pressure Monitor is a compact device that continuously measures and monitors mean airway pressure in neonatal patients being treated with constant positive airway pressure therapies such as Bubble CPAP (BCPAP) and Nasal High Flow (NHF).

  • Monitor displays mean airway pressures from 0 to 35.0cm H2O
  • Ensure constant positive airway pressure with disconnect alarm
  • Intuitive user interface provides adjustable audio and visual high and low pressure alarms
  • Measures pressures in both open and closed systems.
  • Continuously monitors mean airway pressure to comply with AARC Clinical Guidelines for Neonatal CPAP Therapy

High Pressure Alarm

Provides a high pressure audible alarm when device detects pressure 0.1 cmH2O above preset high limit and the yellow LED up arrow blinks. The high alarm settings are from 6.0 to 35.0cmH2O. Alarm resets when the desired pressure is resumed.

Low Pressure Alarm

Provides a low pressure audible alarm when the device detects pressure 0.1 cmH2O below preset low limits. The yellow LED down arrow blinks when there is a low pressure alarm event. Low alarm settings are from 0.1 to 28.0 cmH2O. Alarm resets when the desired pressure is resumed.